Sam Darkwood


might words divide us
or unite us i might wonder
i might ask she might say

come and play she might say
kneel and worship she might say
crave for more she might say

she might say no when i ask
for more or less i might say yes
when she claims i might struggle

i might adore her when she looks down
as i humble i might say i might say
please don‘t turn away i might beg still i sway

come and play she might say
i might say i will stay at your will
by your feet if i may

i might suffer when we play
also suffer cause i fear
it could end it could end

we can play she might say
then you leave or might stay
if you do we don‘t play anymore

i might shiver as she speaks
i might leak as i know
that it ends when i go

i might stay and reveal
its no play its no play
then i know what i feel – i might drown

have no fear she might say
i am here drink your tears
till you leak nevermore

no more doubts i‘ll realize
as they might all fall apart
while we rise

come and stay she might lure
kneel and worship she might claim
crave for more she might urge

and i will

from Sammy – to whom it may concern, you might know who you are
Picture by Lyrix

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