Liquid Colors of a Butterfly

Picture by Lyrix, 2022

I did it again. 😉 The colors of a butterfly seem to be an excellent base to draw with. Perhaps you want try it yourself. 😃

This is the original picture.

Because some of you liked my picture „Lost in Citylights“ and Lyriost asked for the Original Picture, here it is:

It was a Quickshot one evening this year. For the further editing i used high settings in the development process.

For the drawing i used the „Liquify“ Filter in Photoshop (not sure, if that is the correct english name of the filter, i use the german version in which it is named „verflĂŒssigen“. 😉
I guess, other software like Gimp offers a similar function. Alternative you can use a simple drawing software with a „smear“ function (like the smearfinger).

Have fun! 😊

Best wishes,


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