Evening Mood

Picture by Lyrix, 2008

An old tree near my former home. I often watched the sun go down in the meadow where this tree stands. One day i threw a stick for my dog Tinka and unfortunately it ended up high in the trees branches. Faster than i was able to react, Tinka jumped on the tree, climbed up the branches and took her stick… in round about 8 or 9 metres height. Then she turned around, on a small branch that wasn’t thicker than my leg and ran down the tree, jumped the last 1-2 metres back on the ground, the stick in her muzzle. I nearly had a heart attack. My dog is totally crazy.


4 Kommentare zu „Evening Mood

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    1. Indeed, it was … but in that very moment i couldn’t believe what i saw and felt very helpless… what should i have done? Shouting… commanding her back…? That had only distracted her… so i stood beneath the tree and hoped that i would manage to catch her when she falls… but she didn’t… 😃
      Thanks for your kind words, cherie ❣


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