Impressions – Ruhr Valley (7)

Everyday LifePictures by Lyrix, 2022, Ruhr Valley, Germany (shot with my crappy mobile) I made the daily walk with my dogs in one of the urban woods in Dortmund today and took the opportunity for some "street photography" shots with my the camera of my mobile. Some buffoon thought i would be funny to write... Weiterlesen →

Impressions – Ruhr Valley (6)

Dortmund City Evening MoodPicture by Lyrix, 2022, Ruhr Valley, Germany Ich hatte einen schönen Samstag mit perfekten Wetter, war in der Innenstadt, flanieren, einkaufen, essen, dem lebhaften Treiben der Leute zusehen, Fotos schießen. Und mir dabei Zeit lassen. City Life Zum Abschluss habe ich noch eine Weile so da gesessen, die Kamera neben mir abgelegt,... Weiterlesen →

Impressions – Ruhr Valley (2)

Dortmund City Sight from the Deusenberg, Ruhr Valley, GermanyPicture by Lyrix, testing the compact camera that my sister ceded me (step by step, we're getting familiar, the Lumix and i ... but still some room for improvement 😅) Quickshot on the casual walk with my dogs. (Here to see: Tinka, 15 years, Labrador Terrier Crossbreed;... Weiterlesen →

Impressions – Ruhr Valley (1)

Harkort Tower, Wetter an der Ruhr, GermanyPicture by Lyrix The observation tower was built in 1884 in honor of the industrial pioneer and social politician Friedrich Harkort. Among other things, he fought for the prohibition of child labor, the establishment of health insurance for workers, school education for all and health protection for workers through... Weiterlesen →

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