Small Münsterländer

Picture by Lyrix, 2007 My companion Hexe was a Small Münsterländer like me. Well okay... I'm not that small 😁 MünsterlandMünsterland is a small region of Westfalia in the west of Germany. It is nearby the Netherlands and Münster is the central city which is known for the Peace of Westfalia from 1648 that ended... Weiterlesen →

Strength of will

Tinka, January 2007, 5 month old The attitudes of attention, power, pure will, toughness, high speed, self-assertion and dominance were already conspicuous. A very challenging character ...and hard work in dog training, everyday life and while integrating her into my workplace. 😅 After all, she was and still is a very endearing little rowdygirl... and... Weiterlesen →


Pictures by Lyrix, 2007 It is said that for everyone who lives with dogs that there is only one dog in life, that is the dog. The one which reaches a special kind of affiliation, that goes far beyond just beeing any house pet. This dog is a true friend and means more to his... Weiterlesen →

Impressions – Barrel Organ

Picture by Lyrix, Alkmaar, Netherlands, 2015 The Netherlands are one of my favourite travel destinations, the westcoast in special. The town Alkmaar is located in the north-west of the country. It has a very charming flair and i like the traditional cheese market. I shot this picture on a marketday... after i listened to the... Weiterlesen →

Wild Ducks

Picture by Lyrix, 2022 I finally shot them with my Lumix, wild ducks that like to loiter around our house for a while. 😄 Maybe i'll get some more shots soon. 😃

Liquid Colors of a Butterfly

Picture by Lyrix, 2022 I did it again. 😉 The colors of a butterfly seem to be an excellent base to draw with. Perhaps you want try it yourself. 😃 This is the original picture. Because some of you liked my picture "Lost in Citylights" and Lyriost asked for the Original Picture, here it is:... Weiterlesen →

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