Impressions of Düsseldorf (1) – Rhine Tower

Picture by Lyrix, 2022, Abstract Impression, Düsseldorf, Northrine-Westfalia, Germany First picture of my first Phototour through Düsseldorf today. Mindsplint was so kind to be my guide and show me formidable photospots. Thank you, it was a fine day! 😃

Impressions of Hamburg (1) – The heavenly Elbphilharmonie

Picture by Lyrix, 2022 In the Foreground:A damage at the docks wall, caused by bombs in World War II (so a tour guide told me during a harbour tour with a cutter). Not repaired till today. In the centre of the picture:The Elbphilharmonie, Hamburgs new town's landmark. Build between 2007 - 2016. Height: 110 metres,... Weiterlesen →

Evening Mood

Picture by Lyrix, 2008 An old tree near my former home. I often watched the sun go down in the meadow where this tree stands. One day i threw a stick for my dog Tinka and unfortunately it ended up high in the trees branches. Faster than i was able to react, Tinka jumped on... Weiterlesen →


A very dear guest in the garden of my mothers house. unfortunately her fellow mate is missing since last year. Picture by Lyrix, 2022

Castle Nordkirchen

Gardenside of Castle Nordkirchen by evening lightnear Münster, Westfalia, GermanyPicture by Lyrix, 2022 The castle is also known as "Westfalian Versailles" or "Münsterländer Versailles". It is the most prominent Barock building in Westfalia. It once was an early medieval water castle. In the 16th century it was enlarged and better bastioned. Actually the castle is... Weiterlesen →

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