Lyrics by Lyrix, 2022 Finally, after years ...a new claphorn verse... my first one in english language 😅😄 "Claphorn Verses"... or in german lanuage "Klaphornverse" ...are a humoristic kind of lyric, originated in the 19th century... the german magazine "Fliegende Blätter" was the first to print them. These lyrics were inspired by the unintentionally funny... Weiterlesen →


Lyrix 2022, Mixed Media (Graphite & etching on aged paper, digital image processing) molten between light and shadowconstant quiver nervouslyLYRIX


Sam Darkwood might might words divide usor unite us i might wonderi might ask she might say come and play she might saykneel and worship she might saycrave for more she might say she might say no when i askfor more or less i might say yeswhen she claims i might struggle i might adore... Weiterlesen →


spoken wishes are dreams with wings make them fly to embrace your needs Lyrics and picture by Lyrix

the beasts eye

the burning glowof the beasts eyereveals your inner Picture and Words by Lyrix - yay, after all my first haiku, just needed a few years to challenge it 😊😅

the crows song

Jojo Wolf the crows song after all the fears you sufferedand for all the tears you criedfor all the dreams you buriedand all the hopes you left behind when your mind turns to greyand you’re fading awaywhile you suffer in paini will be there and teach you dancing in the rain don’t fear the darkdon’t... Weiterlesen →


LYRIX Infokus Bumm ein Schlag, hört - er fährt ein! Erinnern, fiebern, Emotionen hoch, rühren Tränen fürs Bobele hinter braunem Gestein Julien – wer? ach sag bloß, sitzt der noch? Bumm bumm, keiner darf zum Bub ins Loch, wie schrecklich muss das für den Boris sein!

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