the crows song

Jojo Wolf the crows song after all the fears you sufferedand for all the tears you criedfor all the dreams you buriedand all the hopes you left behind when your mind turns to greyand you’re fading awaywhile you suffer in paini will be there and teach you dancing in the rain don’t fear the darkdon’t... Weiterlesen →


LYRIX Infokus Bumm ein Schlag, hört - er fährt ein! Erinnern, fiebern, Emotionen hoch, rühren Tränen fürs Bobele hinter braunem Gestein Julien – wer? ach sag bloß, sitzt der noch? Bumm bumm, keiner darf zum Bub ins Loch, wie schrecklich muss das für den Boris sein!

Cloudy Curtain

lofty view from erected sightsoupy curtain closes to the rightintermission for the misty mindwait to see whats left behind Lyrix, 2007Austrian Alps, at the Großglockner

Grounded Levels of Emptiness

Sam Darkwood, 2021, Mixed Media - Graphite & digital oil where to go and where to hidewhen all is flat and opened widea lonely tree may spend some shadowsome kind of way may give you hopebut in the end you disapearwill anybody shed a tear?

The need for speed

bath my mind in gasolinediving into speed and time engines roaring, burning rubberrev the engine till my brain will judder bang into the finish linepumped with pure adrenaline it got me purged, it got me soberboost charge for my inner motor picture & lyrics: Lyrix 2009


Regen, Hagel, Schnee und Sonnenschein,hin und her, auf und ab,so muss das sein. Es blüht und sprießt,was wachsen kann,so fängt die Sommerjahreshälfte an. (c) Lyrix 2022


LYRIXAchtsamkeit und Meditationin den Terminplan gequetscht mehr aushaltenmehr leisten Valium für Tretradläufer


  soulcell   what is this phenomenon some name it soul only mental delusion swindle and foul   just biological functions of brain and sense sum of our feelings what makes it intense   or is there more meaning behind all that stuff sense and mind melting to memorial bluff   nothing is lurking above... Weiterlesen →

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