Strength of will

Tinka, January 2007, 5 month old

The attitudes of attention, power, pure will, toughness, high speed, self-assertion and dominance were already conspicuous. A very challenging character …and hard work in dog training, everyday life and while integrating her into my workplace. 😅

After all, she was and still is a very endearing little rowdygirl… and never as agressive as it may sound. She also has a charming, tender side. These days Tinka is nearly 16 years old and still running. 😊

Picture by Lyrix, 2007

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    1. So groß sind die garnicht, eher untere Mitte. 😄
      Tinka hat den recht gut überstanden, ich denke, sie hat auch unsere Trauer mitgespürt. Das auffälligste war, dass sie direkt danach anfing, auf Spaziergängen eine ungeheure Gier auf Pferdeäpfel zu entwickeln. Die hat sich förmlich drüber her gemacht… wir mussten sie sehr vehement davon abhalten, sich die bergeweise einzuverleiben.

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  1. She definitely IS charming and tender. I have seen her being a rowdy, I have heard all the stories about her dominance, but she was NEVER ever rough with me. She even lets me touch her ears (for long years I didn’t even know how sensitive she is about that). But then again, she knows me since „day one“… May she keep on running for a long time!

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    1. Indeed she is… and you’re a significant person for Tinkina 😉
      I guess you missed the most situations in which she proofed real hooliganstyle, but in fact she rarely started aggressions with other dogs… but just reacted on aggressive behaviour of others.
      Perhaps you like to visit us again, it’s been a while 😃

      Gefällt mir

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